The Slight Edge Audio Book Review

Many times, people find themselves envying the success of a neighbor or a colleague at work. They wonder why they have not been able to achieve similar success. Some blame their lack of skills and others poor spending habits or behavior. To attract success, such people resolve to make fundamental changes to their lives. However, the changes they wish to make prove too difficult to sustain and in a month or two, eventually finally give up. The Slight Edge Audio Book teaches that small incremental change eventually achieve big goals over time.

Immediate Edge Review

The Slight Edge Audio Book has revolutionized the lives of many people. It explains how small changes undertaken daily in a disciplined manner bring about desired results over time. These small changes do not provide an immediate physical benefit on the face of it. However, their effect compounded over time produces astonishing results for the person who is diligent to perform them on a daily basis. The simple steps or changes one should make are very easy to execute. On the other hand, they are also very easy to overlook with no immediate negative repercussion to the defaulter. For instance, waking up one hour earlier in order to open your business at 7 AM instead of 8 AM will not require much effort. You may not see the difference in the first day or first week. However, after a period of 6 months to a year, the increased revenues and productivity will provide sufficient evidence concerning the effect of that one-hour difference. The converse is true. Eating a plate of chips for lunch today will not produce any negative side effects at the end of the day. However, at the end of the year, the results will be open for all to see.

The Slight Edge philosophy discussed in the audio book does not require a heavy expenditure or commitment of big resources. Nevertheless, it does require discipline. It does no good to set big goals at the beginning of the year only to abandon them by the 4th month. Many people fail because they set big ambiguous goals without an appropriate strategy on how to achieve such goals. In addition, the desire for immediate results or instant evidence of progress has become the undoing of many people.

The Slight Edge Audio Book explains that small actions performed consistently on a daily basis produce tremendous results within a given period, say one year. You also need to focus on your goals and change your mind set. You need to focus on activities that will help to achieve your goals. You will achieve much more reading twenty pages of a personal development book, daily than an hour spent in front of your television screen watching comedy or cartoons. At the end of one year, the results attained because of that discipline will be obvious to all.

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