Guide – What Causes Physical Memory Dump?

“What causes physical memory dump?” I kept asking myself this question the whole time before when my PC was deeply troubled before. I tried many things and nothing worked. I gave up and was going to buy a new computer. At that time my friend told me what cause physical memory dump and that there is a program that people usually use to fix this kind of problem. After I applied what he taught me, the blue screen stopped appearing instantly and my computer runs as fast as new. In this article I will tell you all that you need to know about physical memory dump and how to fix it without spending a fortune.

Causes of Physical Memory Dump

One of the common causes of physical memory dump is an incompatible device or program that causes conflict within your windows system. If the conflict is not so severe then the device will simply not work and will not cause problem Cvv shop for your system. Same thing applies for incompatible programs. What you should know is also that if you do not fix this problem soon it can become worse and affect other devices as well.

The most common cause of physical memory dump which also cause many other problems is registry problem. What is registry? Registry file is your computer core file which runs your system and all programs according to your settings. It also records all the things you did to your computer, yes it record literally everything that happens in your computer. Imagine how big these records can be after you use your computer for a long time.

These oversized registries will cause numerous conflicts and delays within your system. Remember how fast your computer is when you first bought it? You also will notice that it goes slower and sluggish as it become older. Wow wait did I just said that computers age? Yes they do but you can reverse it. Now let us learn how to do it properly.

How to Fix Physical memory dump

First of all you should find out what caused the physical memory dump in your computer by going to Control Panel > Admin Tools > Event Viewer. Check what happened during the blue screen error recently.

If your blue screen error is caused by an incompatible device then you definitely should get a compatible one or go to their website to find solutions. Many other people might have your problem as well. If all of this does not work then you are having problem with your registry.

If according to the event log, a program is causing your computer to go blue screen then you should check for program updates and solutions on their site. If nothing works and there is no working solution your registry is the cause.

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